Our business was founded in 2008 with the intention of providing the citizens of southern Alberta the highest standards in electrical safety. Electrical Inspections Calgary delivers a wide range of electrical inspection services meet the regulatory responsibilities of the City of Calgary (Airdrie & Cochrane) and raise public awareness of electrical safety across the province of Alberta to protect people and property from serious injury or damage.

We will inspect your property (industrial, commercial or residential) to assess issues and give you a written analyses which includes a written quotation for the work that is needed. A permit will be drawn and the work that we perform will be inspected by the designated township (Calgary, Cochrane & Airdrie).

Trust Electrical Inspections Calgary for your electrical needs.

Rental Suite Inspections

If you are contemplating the development of a rental/income property there is no better time then the present. The City of Calgary has approved an 18 month development permit exemption to help support individuals or families that wish to develop a secondary suite. If your home is eligible you can save over $2000. Call us today to ask if you qualify or to have your home inspected.

Servicing Your Business

Electrical Inspections Calgary helps many businesses stay up to code. Our inspections ensure that your business stays operational, preventing foreseeable hazards. It is vital for businesses to have annual inspections of the fire safety & smoke monitors as well as other precautionary systems. If your business in need of inspections trust our experts.

Acquiring the Right Permits

Before any construction it is vital to ensure that the proper precautions and permits are acquired. Having the proper permits not only protects a company and its employees, it also prevents any hazards such as gas lines, electrical systems etc. from getting disrupted.

Even though the application process can be lengthy it is vital to acquire these permits, to further along the process our team of electrical inspectors can asses a job site to catch any foreseeable obstructions.

How We Can Help

Our expert electrical inspectors will review your needs, and will address concerns that you have about electrical safety. Our thorough inspections will provide recommendations on a set of electrical safety services based on the unique needs of your home or business.

As we document the electrical maintenance work we inspect and record the results, working with the home or business owner we properly document the work that is needed to be done, this document can help a property owner demonstrate their safety due diligence.