What is the difference between a general electrical inspection and a City or Municipal Inspection?

A general electrical inspection is performed by a qualified Master Electrician ( Electrical Inspections Calgary, Electricman ) to find existing electrical issues in your home or commercial business. A report is completed and will explain any deficiencies or upgrades that can be made in a cost effective matter. This is completed as per the Canadian Electrical Code.

A City or Municipal inspection is performed by an inspector that works for the City or Municipality. They work with the Electrical Contractor ( Electrical Inspections Calgary , Electricman ) to make sure the installation of the wiring and equipment is completed as per the Canadian Electrical Code. A permit sticker will be placed in the home or business indicating that the inspection was completed and passed all requirements. This sticker is usually placed on your main electrical panel.

Why would I need a general electrical inspection?

A general electrical inspection would help find any issues relating to the proper function of your electrical system ( electrical panel, breakers, GFCI receptacles, smoke detectors, industrial equipment, lighting ) This would help identify faulty wiring ( Aluminum wiring ) and equipment. It would also find ways as to conserve energy, which saves you money.

When do I need an electrical inspection?

All electrical installations in new buildings and renovations require an electrical permit. An electrical contractor  ( Electrical Inspections Calgary, Electricman ) would apply and receive the permit and would schedule this inspection with the city or municipality.

What qualifications does an electrical contractor need to apply and receive a permit?

Hold an Alberta Master Electrician Certificate. Have a City of Calgary, City of Airdrie, Town of Cochrane business licence and Complete a Qualified Trade Application .

What are the different types of residential inspections?

Trenching – An inspection of underground wiring installation.

Service connections – An inspection of the wiring to the meter, inspection of the main electrical means of disconnect ( fuses or breakers ) and the inspection of the main system    grounding to earth.

Rough in – Takes place when all the circuit wiring and outlet boxes are installed. This is prior to the insulation or the poly is installed.

Final – The final inspection is requested as soon as possible after the completion of the electrical installation.

What is the cost of a City or Municipal inspection?

It varies slightly, however it is usually 3% of the total cost of the electrical work and a small administration fee for processing.